7 + Best Antivirus recommendations you can use

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Looking for the best antivirus? Here we provide some recommendations antivirus software that you can use to protect your device.

Along with the more activities you do through computer devices, the existence of antivirus becomes increasingly needed. This tool can help provide protection from various types of computer viruses that threaten the security of your important data.

Basically, a computer virus is a type of malicious code or program written to change the way a computer operates and designed to be able to spread from one computer to another. These computer viruses operate by inserting or attaching themselves to legitimate programs or documents to execute malicious code in them. If your computer device is affected by this computer virus, then the virus can cause unexpected effects such as damaging the software system in it or destroying data.

So that you can avoid this, you need antivirus software. Antivirus is a type of software used to prevent, scan, detect, and remove viruses from a computer. Once installed, most antivirus software will run automatically in the background to provide protection against computer virus attacks in real time.

Best Antivirus recommendations you can use

  1. Bitdefender

The first Best antivirus recommendation is Bitdefender. This Software can run on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Bitdefender company itself was established in 2001 in Romania by offering products in the form of antivirus software as a cyber security solution to small, medium, large companies, even to the government.

Bitdefender offers several protection packages that can keep computer devices safe from various malware attacks such as viruses, spywareadware and ransomware. In addition, this antivirus can also protect you from phishing or spam attacks.

Another advantage that Bitdefender has is the presence of privacy protection features. The software can monitor which apps are accessing your device’s webcam or microphone, a firewall to prevent hackers from hijacking your internet connection, anti-tracking to keep browsing data confidential, and much more.

2. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is also one of the best antiviruses that can be used by Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Kaspersky Lab is one of the largest private cybersecurity companies in the world. No wonder this antivirus software can provide strong enough protection for your device.

Kaspersky can effectively identify, block, and eliminate attack threats without affecting the performance of the system you are using. Some of their featured features are virus scanner, Anti ransomware, as well as features to prevent drive-by cryptomining infections. In addition, Kaspersky Lab antivirus is also relatively inexpensive and can be used for 10 devices.

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3. Webroot

Webroot runs on Windows, Mac,and Android devices. All packages provided by Webroot provide protection capabilities for various types of malware, such as viruses, ransomware, phishing, keylogger, and spyware. Webroot also provides a firewall, network protection monitor, and webcam security.

In addition to offering the ability to protect your device from cyber threats, Webroot is also very lightweight to use. The installation process can be done easily even it only takes a few seconds.

4. Norton

The next best Antivirus we recommend is Norton. This antivirus Software can run on Windows, Mac, Android, and also iOS devices. Norton offers several package options that you can choose from: 360 Standard, 360 Deluxe, 360 with LifeLock Select, 360 with LifeLock Advantage, and 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus. Each of these plans offers different capabilities and features. Norton also sells Norton Secure VPN separately.

Norton antivirus Software can work well and offers a number of advantages over its competitors. One of them is the existence of extensive protection against identity theft.

5. McAfee

McAfee is an antivirus that provides VPN services and identity theft protection services at affordable package prices. This antivirus Software can run on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. In addition, McAfee is also very lightweight so it will not take up a lot of resources on the device you are using. McAfee has been around since the 80s and is one of the best antiviruses because it can effectively identify, block or eliminate malware and other threats.

6. Avast Premium Security

Avast offers four antivirus packages: Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Premium Security, Avast Ultimate Security, and Avast Omni. The four packages offer each feature that you can choose according to your needs. Despite this, all offered antivirus packages provide a wide range of protection. In addition, the Avast Ultimate Security package is also available with a VPN service and anti-tracking features.


ESET (Essential Security against Evolving Threats) has a reputation as one of the best antivirus software on the market. Although this antivirus is not as well known as Norton, McAfee or Kaspersky but you need to know under ESET is quite popular and has quite a lot of users in various worlds.

By using ESET, your device can be protected from malware attacks, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats. In addition, ESET also comes with various features, one of which is a feature that can help to keep an eye on who enters your WiFi router.

8. Trend Micro

Trend Micro can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and also iOs devices. This antivirus Software is considered to have quite good capabilities at an affordable price. In addition, this software can also be used by 10 devices.

They feature child safety tools and Pay Guard that can protect you from cyber attacks when doing banking or shopping online. Despite This, Trend Micro does not have any protection features from the threat of identity theft in it.

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Today there is a wide selection of the best antiviruses on the market. Make sure that the antivirus you will use has a good ability to protect your device from various cyber threats. In addition, antivirus software must also have a user interface that is easy to operate.

You need to know that along with the increasing number of online media users, cyber attacks will also continue to increase. Although today there are so many best antivirus but the internet users should remain vigilant and careful when surfing in the virtual world.

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