7 Car Rental SEO Tips to improve website ranking

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There are many techniques SEO website car rental needs to be done to make your website superior to the competition. Please learn more about these SEO techniques in the following article.

Along with the development of technology, today the business owners car rental keep competing to be able to present online presence (online presence) well. This is done because most customers will look for information about car rental services online through the Google search engine.

If you are a car rental business owner, then one way you can do to increase your online presence is to use SEO optimization. Through this way, your website performance will be optimized so that the website can be displayed in the highest ranking in Google search results. Thus, when users or customers search for information about car rental services on Google, then your website will be easier to reach by potential customers.

Before we explain what SEO techniques can be applied to a car rental website, it’s good if you understand what SEO is first.

What is meant by SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process to optimize a website so that the website can be displayed in the highest rankings when users Search in search engines. In general, the SEO process is done so that your website can have good visibility on Google. Thus, the website will be easier to find so that the service or product you sell through the website can be known by more people.

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7 SEO tips for car Rental websites

Here are some SEO tips you can do to improve your ranking on Google pages.

1. Ensure website security

You need to know, website security is one of the factors that affect website ranking. In 2014, Google announced that websites that do not have SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) will be considered unsafe websites.

When the domain is SSL certified, your website URL will change to HTTPS and there is a lock icon next to the address bar. By using HTTPS, the communication of the browser to the server and server to server will be encrypted so that the data sent will be more secure.

Therefore, if the URL of your car rental website is still not using HTTPS, then you need to immediately to activate SSL certificates.

2. Make sure the website is mobile friendly

Mobile friendly Web is a website that can work well on various mobile devices. Thus, users can read and view web content more easily without having to tap and zoom in on the screen. Considering that currently most users access Google through mobile devices such as smartphones, then a mobile friendly website also needs to be considered when you want to optimize your business website.

Google is always trying to provide a good user experience for all its use. This is the reason why Google will prioritize showing websites with a mobile friendly design in search results.

3. Increase site speed

The next car rental website SEO tip is to increase site speed. Google does not want to recommend websites that can provide a bad experience for its use. Therefore, site speed is also important to consider when performing the SEO optimization process because it can affect the user experience.

As we already know, a website that works slowly will not provide a good user experience. When a website has a bad page speed, users will leave your web page.

So, make sure your car rental website has a good site speed. You can make sure you use a tool already provided by Google called PageSpeed Insight. This Tool will also provide a variety of recommended solutions to increase the speed of your web.

4. Use relevant keywords

When you create website content, you need to make sure that the content uses the right keywords and is relevant to the services you offer. For example for a car rental business, you can use to use the following keywords:

  • car rental
  • rent a car off the key
  • car rental off key
  • and others

If your business has a target market in the local area, you can also consider using more specific keywords. Examples such as car rental Jakarta, South Jakarta car rental, or else. In addition to choosing the right keywords, keyword placement also needs to be considered. In the SEO optimization process, the keywords that you have targeted can be placed in the page title, meta description, heading, image, and in the text of the content that you will create.

5. Provide a blog on the website

Blog pages can be said to be an important feature to get more website visitors. In addition, the blog will also help the SEO optimization process of your car rental website. Here are some reasons:

  • Provide fresh content

Google does not want to give out outdated information to its users. By providing a blog that you always update the website can provide fresh content.

  • Blog can increase the length of time users in the website

Google is looking for a website that has a good user experience. Blogs can make the user’s time on the website page longer so that it will be considered a website that is able to meet the needs of users.

  • Provide an opportunity to create internal links

By providing a blog, you can create articles that contain internal links to direct one page to another. Through these internal links, Google can find, Index, and understand all the pages on your site.

6. Get quality backlinks

Backlinks also known as inbound links are links that come from external websites that point to your website pages. In order for the car rental website that you have to be able to get a high ranking then you should try to getting backlinks from a website that is quality and relevant to your business.

This is important to do because Google considers that a website that has a lot of quality backlinks is a website that is credible or trusted by many users. However, keep in mind that Google can impose penalties on websites that manipulate its algorithms. For example, by buying backlinks or using a program to create automatic links. So, you should be able to get backlinks naturally.

7. Provide a good website structure

Another SEO tip that you should pay attention to is to provide a good structure of your website especially if the website you just launched. A good website structure can make it easier for Google to crawl and index.

One way you can do to improve the structure of the website is to provide a sitemap that contains all the important pages that need to be known by the Google search engine. A Sitemap helps Google crawlers navigate the site, find new content, and index pages. In addition, to provide a good website structure you also need to create a website URL and breadcrumbs that are clear and in accordance with the website hierarchy.

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As we know, the car rental business today is indeed one of the businesses that are quite competitive and you can find so many companies that provide services car rental Jakarta. Therefore, if you do not want to lose competitiveness with competitors then you must be able to use technology to win business competition.

One way you can do is to do the SEO optimization process for the car rental website so that the website you have becomes more prominent than competitors. In this way, you can achieve more profit.

If you need help with the SEO optimization process on your car rental website, please contact the LOGIQUE team. We have a professional SEO specialist and experienced in improving the performance of websites engaged in the automotive industry or car rental. Please click by sini to get detailed information about our SEO services.

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