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The cause of employee turnover should be detected in advance by each company or agency. If there is a high turnover, of course, this will also affect the performance of employees and the sustainability of a company or institution.

What Is Employee Turnover?

Employee Turnover is the employee turnover rate described by the percentage of employees who stop working in a company in a certain period. The higher the turnover, the more employees leave the company.

Employee Turnover is very reasonable to occur in a company. It even tends to be profitable if it is still done in the appropriate period. However, if the company changes employees too often, it will actually cause losses for the company.

Causes Of Employee Turnover

The factors behind employee turnover are very diverse. Starting from individual factors, organizations and geographical factors.

Individual Factors

1. Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction of an employee greatly affects employee performance. Whether a company meets the work life balance needs of an employee or not is a determining factor in how great the level of employee satisfaction.

2. Too heavy workload

Often the employees are faced with a job load that is too heavy. It is very possible that employees become tired quickly even, can get sick as well.

3. Want To Find A New Experience

If you have worked in a company for too long, employees will usually get bored and bored. They then have a desire to try new work experience in other companies.

This can also be done because these employees are more exploring and developing their potential. So, they don’t just get stuck in their safe zone.

4. Employee Mentality

A bad employee mentality will greatly affect the corporate environment. For example, if a company has a boss or boss who is irritable and temperamental, of course it will have an impact on the mental health of their subordinates.

If the mentality of employees has been disrupted, performance and productivity will be greatly impaired and decreased. This is certainly very to be avoided.

Organizational Factors

1. Absence Of Program Engagement Karyawan

Employee engagement programs are used to describe a condition, attitude, positive behavior of employees towards work that is indicated by passion, dedication, and pleasure in achieving company goals.

2. The working system Obsolete (Old or old)

In an era that is already sophisticated digital alias today, there are still many companies that use outdated systems. In fact, companies should be able to adapt along with technological developments.

3. Transparency

Companies that are not transparent both in terms of work to employee salaries will cause a lot of suspicion so that there is no mutual trust, both between employees and the company, as well as between employees themselves.

4. Repressive work system and do not pay attention to the needs of employees

No one will be happy when working under pressure, especially if their needs are not met by the company. There are still many companies that ignore benefits or programs aimed at employee welfare, such as insurance.

5. Unclear salary system

An unclear salary system will make employees lazy to work. In any case, employees are entitled to a salary in accordance with the provisions that have been established at the beginning.

Geographical Factors

Geographical factors themselves are usually influenced by the employee’s mileage from his place of residence to the office. The distance that is too far will certainly make the employees seized and the costs incurred for transportation become greater.

If the costs incurred for transportation are greater than the salary they receive each month, surely employees will rethink to continue their work. Continuing work in the premises will only bring harm to the employee.

Minimize Turnover and provide welfare for employees!

After knowing the cause, you can certainly determine what compensation or the right way to deal with the problem. One way is to provide benefits for employee welfare.

Safe present to help you provide solutions to provide employee welfare programs, one of which is through the employee health insurance program. What are you waiting for? Come on, contact Safe and register your employees now!

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