ClueWorks Collaborative Network collaborates with Venture Capital to provide investment knowledge to startups

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MALANG-near the end of November 2021, Ngalup Collaborative Network made a new breakthrough. Through the what / s startup program, they invite startups to meet and discuss directly with Venture Capital through the zoom meeting, Friday (19/11/2021), for free.

Before the activity began, some participants were initially given a little description of the existing venture capital through networking sessions. One of them, is Kolibra, companies engaged in business capital usually provide investments in Series A startups, which are usually given annually.

Then, there are also other venture capital, namely Alpha Momentum always regularly hold a pitch day held for startup actors. This is done as one of the support and facilitation for startup actors.

As for Prasetia Investment which focuses on funding for B2B startups stage early stage for more than 100 startups in Southeast Asia, especially International.

Venturra Discovery also present through their representatives, they focus on early-stage technology companies that are ready to expand in the international arena, covering the sector e-commerce, fintech, marketplace, healthcare and education.

The last Venture capital is Indogen Capital which focuses on post-seed stage to Series A for startup founders who want to grow in Southeast Asia.

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In the networking session, it is expected that startup actors can get new knowledge and programs from venture capital. So, they can prepare to get funding.

After a brief discussion, then continued the one on one session conducted by several startup actors and speakers from a number of venture capital, namely Maria Natashia as Investment Manager at Prasetia, Gabriella Joselin Nainggolan as Investment at Kolibra Capital, Nisrina Firyal as Analyst at Venturra Discovery, Arung Sulthan Pamuka as Investment Associate at Alpha Momentum International and Athaya Kadzima as Investment Associate at Indogen Capital.

The one on one session was held in five breakout rooms, which were attended by more than 20 participants. One by one from the startup representatives conducted a consultation session.

One of them, namely the representative of Venture Capital, Maria conducted a discussion session with the representative of Startup Citro, namely Samuel. In the session, Maria explained, that venture capital is a fund manager who also manages other people’s funds. They are looking for limited partners to invest in venture capital companies with certain promises.

So, in determining the investor for his startup, Samuel must know the condition of the startup business was at which stage. If it is still in the early stages, you can start with angel investors. Where, angel investors stand alone. Meanwhile, if the startup is already shuttle, it can determine the investor’s vision.

According to Maria, in order to determine investors, startups must be in the form of MVP and have been tested against two to three customers. After that, startup founders can find investors, both through linkedin and information from other startup actors.

After providing funding, there is a venture capital that comes to provide new ideas for the development of a startup. However, some are not. So, before determining investors, it is better to do research first.

Currently, one of the capital companies, namely Kolibra Capital, wants to invite startups to collaborate. How, by contacting

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