Dangerous Cytokine Storm? Watch Out For The Symptoms!

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cytokine storms are dangerous, be aware of their symptoms and effects

The term cytokine storm has recently become a trending topic in various mass media and social media. Moreover, after several public figures experienced this attack, which turned out to aggravate the health condition of covid-19 patients.

You may be wondering, what is cytokine storm? Why is this condition so dangerous and can lead to death if not treated immediately?

Let’s talk about yuk.

What is cytokine storm syndrome?

Cytokine storm itself is not actually the name of the disease. Rather it is a syndrome that refers to a group of medical symptoms in which the immune system experiences too much inflammation.

Launching from detikHealth, cytokine storm is a condition of excessive immune response of the body. Usually the condition is triggered by the presence of an infection. Cytokines are proteins that communicate signals in the body to respond to infection.

Under normal conditions, cytokines help coordinate the immune system’s response to deal with infectious substances, such as viruses or bacteria. Problems in the response of cytokines can be detrimental to the health of the body, such as causing organ failure and death.

What do the symptoms look like?

Symptoms of a cytokine storm are quite diverse, depending on how a person’s body responds to an infection. A person can experience mild symptoms such as the common cold, but some become critical after experiencing this syndrome.

What you need to pay attention to IS, symptoms such as blood clots are a sign that this syndrome is at a severe level. Because, blood clots indicate that the heart is not working normally.

Other symptoms are similar to flu or covid-19 symptoms such as high fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath, to seizures.

Whatever the symptoms are felt, if you have a fever to shortness of breath, immediately contact a medical officer so that it can be treated quickly.

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How’s the impact?

Generally, these complications of cytokine syndrome appear about one week after being infected with covid-19. This syndrome makes the condition of the lungs experience inflammation, even persists even though the infection has been resolved.

In some situations, it is possible to treat the source underlying the cytokine storm. For example, caused by a bacterial infection, then antibiotics can help the patient. Then as soon as possible given the first antivirus.

Patients can experience shortness of breath when the lungs are inflamed.

However, this syndrome can still be cured although in some cases, it takes quite a long time. A person’s recovery is greatly influenced by the strength of his body’s immune system.

How to avoid cytokine storms

Well, now you already know that this cytokine storm is a very dangerous syndrome, because it is fatal from damage to lung function and even to death.

Therefore, stick to good health protocols. Apply Prokes 5M and always keep the intake of vitamins for the body.

You can take vitamin C and D3 supplements, which are in accordance with the dosage for your body. Supplement daily nutritional needs with balanced nutritional foods.

Let’s take care of your health and complete your health protection with health insurance from Clue Works Assurance.

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