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Manage finances during an emergency PPKM

It has been running for 10 days since the Internationaln government implemented emergency PPKM regulations in various regions. This emergency PPKM policy aims to reduce the number of covid-19 transmission that has recently jumped very sharply.

With the PPKM policy, a number of public facilities are prohibited from operating, such as shopping centers, entertainment centers, and other sectors that are not included in the critical and essential sectors.

Some of you may feel strongly about the impact of this policy, especially if your main income comes from daily business, such as the owner of a CAF.

Some sectors have to close during emergency PPKM, and it is difficult to utilize technology as an alternative to consumer services, due to very limited mobility.

However, these limitations are not a reason for you to refuse emergency PPKM yes. Let’s support this program together so that International can soon be free from covid-19.

Then, how to manage finances during an emergency PPKM, if your income has decreased? Come on, check out the following tricks, which can help you.

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Create Financial Planning As Needed

The first step, you must first make financial planning during this PPKM, which is from July 3 to July 20. But you should prepare the budget until the end of July, as a form of preparing yourself if later this emergency PPKM will be extended.

Check how many emergency funds you have. Do you have spare money in your savings, or are you forced to use an emergency fund?

If you are forced to use an emergency fund during this PPKM period, then you must save money. First arrange what needs during this PPKM.

You can start from food needs, such as groceries and various vegetables and fruits. Write down your food spending money limits to meet your needs during PPKM. For example, about one million dollars for two weeks.

Do not forget to include the cost of sanitation and vitamins. If you are healthy, you need to maintain immunity by taking vitamins. For example, about 300 thousand dollars for the purchase of vitamins.

Then also calculate other routine expenses, such as electricity, water, internet, and others. If your financial condition is not too stable, you should temporarily stop non-essential subscription fees, so you are not too wasteful in using emergency funds.

Reduce unnecessary online shopping. During survival mode, make sure every money that comes out is to meet basic and urgent needs.

If you have set up your needs and budget, you can use an emergency fund. But remember to be firm on yourself so as not to be wasteful during this PPKM.

Take Advantage Of Health Insurance

The outbreak of the delta variant of the covid-19 virus contributed to the increase in the number of covid-19 cases in International in mid-2022.

Thank you so much that you and your family can stay healthy at this critical time. However, if you experience illness both caused by covid-19 and other diseases, take advantage of your health insurance.

In times of declining income due to mobility restrictions, health insurance will be very useful to protect you from unexpected medical expenses.

The insurance will fulfill its obligations in accordance with the benefits written on the policy, ranging from inpatient, outpatient, to drug and doctor fees.

If you do not have health insurance, you can buy a policy Clue Works Simple Start, whose premium price starts from 198 thousand rupiah per month. Very affordable with complete benefits, can even seek treatment via Halodoc tablets.

The cost of insurance premiums can also be put into your financial planning.

Looking For A Side Job

The next Survival mode is to find a side job to earn extra income.

If you are already frugal and trying to meet the needs but still lack money, then you need to find additional income, so that your needs are still met without the need to torture yourself.

Well, you can try various ways to get a side job during this PPKM. For example, you could be a freelancer who offers graphic design services, or video editing, or even writing services.

Work as a freelancer is very possible to do online from home, so it does not require you to mobilize.

Another way of course is by selling online. If you have a business that is offline, you can try an online business, for example selling healthy food, masks, vitamins, and other needs that are needed during this PPKM.

Although it lasts for a while, at least you can earn extra money by taking advantage of emergency PPKM moments. You can use marketplace, transportation applications, or sell on social media to promote your services/products.

Emergency PPKM can actually be seen as an opportunity for you to get to know yourself better, and start trying new things.

Who had never previously made financial planning, because your PPKM so compiled a good financial planning.

Who previously had no side income, you so force yourself to be more creative and innovative again, in order to make more money.

And who previously still hesitant to insurance, now so sure to have insurance, because the benefits are needed.

Happy running survival mode during emergency PPKM yes. Hopefully International can recover from covid-19 soon and everything will return to normal.

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