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Employees who have a high work ethic must be maintained by the company. Because employees themselves are important assets that are so influential on the growth and development of the company.

In this case, provide employee benefit this is one of the ways companies can retain employees. Benefit these employees will also help improve their performance. Here are some kinds benefit employees are often offered.

1. BPJS contribution payment

Payment of dues BPJS Health and BPJS employment until now including one program benefit employees are most often offered by companies. Not without reason, considering that now the BPJS health program is required by the government.

In addition, when employees fall ill, the company itself will lose if they do not return to work. Therefore, the payment of dues BPJS health is one benefit the best the company can offer.

While BPJS employment is certainly considered very profitable for employees. Where BPJS employment includes work accident insurance and pension insurance, as well as death insurance and old age insurance.

2. Financial Support

Employee benefit form financial support or financial assistance to employees is also one of the programs that companies often run. Because it cannot be denied that financial needs are a vital factor for a person’s life.

Even individuals generally base their job choices and keep their jobs on these financial factors. As a form benefit, the financial assistance offered by the company can be a corporate loan or holding a cooperative system.

Usually, the form of loan carried out has certain conditions. The goal is that the program remains controlled and does not become a burden for the company. So there are companies that give loans with an interest system, but there are also those that do not.

3. Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that covers medical, surgical, medicinal, and similar costs for the insured or policyholder. This insurance can reimburse medical expenses due to illness or injury, as well as pay the cost of medical care directly.

If at any time you fall ill, then the insurance company has a role as the person in charge of medical expenses, in accordance with the contract or agreement that has been previously established.

4. Lunch

Lunch is one of the programs employee benefit the next is often offered by the company. The purpose of this lunch feeding is that the nutritional intake of employees is maintained.

That way, employees will not easily fall ill and be able to work well. Usually, giving benefit this is directly in the form of food and drink that is carried out every lunch hour in the office.

5. Commission and Bonus

Commissions and bonuses are also included as part of benefit employees. Commission is a sum of money given to employees, if they have reached the target set by the company.

While the bonus is the provision of a certain amount of money from the company that is given if the employee is able to achieve results that exceed the target. Because of its direct form of money, these commissions and bonuses certainly mean a lot to every worker.

6. Severance pay

The amount of funds provided by the company to employees after the employee’s working period ends is called severance pay. Employees who stop working due to termination from the company can also generally receive severance pay.

Where the severance pay becomes a form of appreciation for the period of service during the employees work there. In addition, severance pay can also be a substitute for employee rights. That is why many companies offer benefit employees in the form of severance pay.

7. Seminars and training

Employee benefit others that are also often offered by the company include employees to various seminars and trainings. The purpose of the seminar and training is to increase the insight and knowledge of the employees.

Usually, benefit as this is given to do the development of human resources in the company. So that not only employees are profitable, but the company’s performance will also increase thanks to more competent human resources.

Employee Benefits for the company

That’s all kinds of benefit employees are often offered by the company. In addition, there are actually a great many examples benefit that can be offered. For example, health services in the office, education money, and so on that can be adjusted to the capacity of the company itself.

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