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Employee engagement or employee engagement is a high emotional and intellectual relationship of the employee to his work. Employee Engagement is also shown by employee behavior that gives more effort to their work and is able to work effectively and efficiently in the work environment.

A good relationship with the job for which he is responsible, the organization in which he works, the manager who is his boss and provides support and advice, or colleagues who support each other allows the individual to give the best effort that exceeds the requirements of a job.

Factors Engagement Employees

According to Marciano (2010) there are 7 factors that encourage employee engagement, namely:

  1. Recognition (recognition), which is where employees feel the results of their hard work appreciated by the company. For example, the provision of rewards given by the company to employees or teams who deserve it.
  2. Empowerment (empowerment), which is when the boss provides the work equipment, resources and training needed by employees to succeed in their work, as well as providing autonomy and being encouraged to take risks.
  3. Supportive Feedback (supportive feedback), this means that superiors provide specific feedback in time in a supportive, sincere, and constructive medium, not to shame or punish employees.
  4. Partnering (partnership), is where employees are treated like business partners and actively collaborate in decision-making, receive financial information, gain freedom in decision-making, boss is a driver for employee development.
  5. Expectations (Hope), which is the time when the superiors guarantee the business goals, objectives, and priorities are clearly defined and communicated.
  6. Considerations (attention), which is when the boss, manager, and team members show care and concern for each other.
  7. Trust (trust), where the superiors show a sense of trust with the ability of employees, as well as employees who also trust their superiors.

Program Engagement Employees

There are several things or programs that can be done by each company to increase employee engagement, namely:

1. Career Path

Things that are career improvement from the moment employees enter until a certain moment or when employees leave the company, will also help in increasing employee engagement, because they feel there is an appreciation to their personal work performance that has been shown during work in the company.

2. Building Personal Relationships

This can be done in relatively easy ways, such as taking time to joke between superiors and subordinates, going out to eat together during recess, celebrating a simple employee birthday celebration, listening to employee opinions and feedback, and much more.

3. Give Rewards

Giving rewards after employees successfully complete or successfully complete the work targets given to them can help increase work effectiveness and efficiency.

This will be a pride for employees. Especially if there is a reward given by the company, through the leadership of the company witnessed by colleagues and even family members themselves.

4. Competency Improvement Program

Competency improvement programs in various ways and methods are what companies can do to increase employee engagement. Various learning programs that are on the job training nor off the job training, can be an interesting and doable option.

5. Good communication skill

One of the things that can be done to increase employee engagement is to build good communication.

Engagement can decrease if in the communication process that employees get even a negative response, in the form of a tone of threat, ridicule, or other negative things.

Conversely, if a positive response is received, such as a thank you from the boss, a more intense discussion process looking for joint solutions and others, of course, will make employees will continue to discuss which automatically increases their engagement.

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