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Frugal Living
Frugal Living Lifestyle Trends

Have you ever heard of frugal living? This lifestyle is really trending among young people, because it can have a positive impact on daily financial arrangements.

What exactly is frugal living? From the language used, in English frugal means frugal, and living is a lifestyle. Broadly speaking, frugal living has the meaning of frugal lifestyle.

However, frugal living also does not mean you are forced to be stingy with yourself. Frugal words are generally accompanied by careful words, so thrifty behavior in this lifestyle must also be accompanied by careful attitude.

Recently, frugal living lifestyle trends have been run by many young people. Careful thrift behavior has proven to be effective to overcome financial problems in the future.

So, what are some examples of frugal living lifestyle that can be useful for maintaining your financial health? Yep, follow these steps.

Always make sure the elements need and can afford when buying something

Frugal living is not the same as stingy. So, it does not mean that in order to save you become stingy with yourself, to the point of not wanting to spend money at all.

This lifestyle concept teaches us, that there are two elements that must be met when you want to spend money, namely need and afford.

Could it be if it was just one of them? The answer is no. These two elements must be met so that the concept of frugal living can be achieved.

For example, you want to buy new shoes. Ask yourself, Do you really need new shoes? Do you have the money to buy new shoes? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you can buy the shoes.

But it’s another thing if only one of them is fulfilled. For example, you need new shoes, but there is no money. That is, the capable element has not been met. You can’t buy those shoes. Alternatively, look for other shoes that suit your abilities, so that expenses do not swell.

What if the money is there but we don’t really need it? The fall became wasteful. You buy something based on desire, not need.

Well, if you want to have a healthy financial condition, start with this frugal living concept. Buy something because these two elements of need and ability have been fulfilled.

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Inedible prestige and social Status

If you really want to try the frugal living lifestyle, there are consequences that you must be ready to accept, namely not being consumed by Prestige.

Well, why is prestige a problem for financial conditions? Because, many expenses are made on the basis of the desire to meet prestige.

In the frugal living lifestyle, remember the first concept, that buying something must meet two elements, namely need and afford.

Fulfilling prestige is generally the opposite of the element of need and ability. A person buys things not because he needs, but because he wants, and uses money that he does not actually have.

Of course, the main goal is to meet prestige and raise social status. However, this behavior is actually a real danger to financial conditions, because future financial goals are difficult to achieve.

You don’t have to be ashamed of what life is and should be. You also don’t need to satisfy other people’s desires by forcing yourself to buy unnecessary items.

In the end, your friendship environment will improve on its own if you consistently present yourself as you are. Not manipulating lifestyle by following prestige.

Enjoy life by taking advantage of promos

Who says frugal living is hard? You can still enjoy life while saving tablets. The trick is to take advantage of promos.

Today, there are already a lot of promos given by various business fields. Starting from the market place, transportation applications, paylater features, and others.

Take advantage of the promo to meet your needs, including for entertainment costs. There is no harm in buying a voucher for a vacation by taking advantage of discounted prices or discounts.

So, you don’t have to worry about missing updates if you live a frugal living lifestyle. Remember, in addition to saving, you also have to be careful, one of which is to be observant in utilizing promos.

Arm yourself with insurance

If you think that insurance premiums will be a burden of expenses and you become more wasteful, then you should rethink and look at the benefits of insurance.

You really need to prepare money to pay insurance premiums. But, the premium money is certainly much smaller than the benefits you get when facing the risk of life.

For example, health insurance Clue Works Simple Start. With premiums starting from Rp.198,000, you can get health protection up to millions of rupiah.

If calculated, by spending money not up to 200 thousand per month and you get protection benefits of up to millions of dollars, of course this is a careful saving concept that is correct.

So, arm yourself with insurance. Because insurance will actually protect your finances when faced with unexpected risks.

Well, now you understand why this frugal living lifestyle is the choice of many young people in the world? In addition to the concept that is easy to implement, frugal living will help you to manage your financial expenses, so that future financial goals can be achieved.

Let’s get used to the frugal living concept.

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