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If there is a skill which can be improved ability, it is skill write. Everyone can be a good writer. Writing is not just about pouring out your thoughts and ideas.  Writing can also create something new, relieve stress, bring thoughts to wander, and make your mind better. To facilitate writing activities, of course, content writing tools are needed that can really help the author.

But for some people, writing seems to be something impossible to do, something heavy to begin with.  It is not always easy to write a thought or idea with a meaningful form of writing, but with various tools writing content is available, you can start writing at any time when you get an idea for your writing. With tools available, you will get feedback, suggestions for better writing.

For you freelancer writer, full time, part time or who works as a professional writer, be it content writer, copywriter, blogger, the following are tools that can help you become a good content writer.


If you are an English content writer, Grammarly is tools the right one for you, helps you write good content. Grammarly is a tool to check for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism errors. Grammarly it can save you time by finding mistakes and suggesting the right ones. This tool can also remove sentence writing mistakes that are often done by a content writer. This is useful for improving the writing so as to adapt the content to the target audience. Grammarly available on desktop app, android, website.


Want to make your writing more effective? Use Hemingway Editor. Hemingway Editor helps you create short and clear content so people can read it easily. This tool analyzes long and complex sentences and suggests alternative sentences to improve sentence flow and readability. The tool is available in a free web application that can be used for commercial or personal purposes. But there are also desktop applications with a paid version.


If you are a content writer, blogger, or copywriteryou must understand the importance of creating an attractive title. The title is the first content writing that is often the main reason why people want to read your writing. This tool claims to be Headline Analyzer no. 1 on the Internet. The tool analyzes the overall structure, grammar, sentence length, keywords, and title readability.


There are times when a content writer is in an urgent situation, is chased by a deadline, and has to deposit good writing without mistakes. Errors in typing or typo often occur. With typoonline, you can revise or check your writing automatically and quickly to fit the rules of the correct Internationaln language. Typoonline can be used for free. You stay copy-paste your document or type directly on the website.


Ubersuggest is one of the most popular SEO tools among content writers and SEO professionals. This tool helps you get a superior strategy by offering you the largest database of keywords ever available and hundreds of millions of content ideas. In addition, tools it also helps you understand your competitors ‘ SEO strategies so you can correct mistakes on your website that may be hindering your website’s growth.

Well, that’s some tools to write good content that can help you stay focused your career and continue to be motivated to keep writing with a feeling of pleasure and fun of course, so that your writing becomes better and interesting. Which of the tools that’s your favorite? Happy writing

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