How to deal with the demographic Bonus for millennials!

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As the years pass, the world has a different development. From technology to social culture. This is the reason why every year will have a generation that has different characteristics. Starting from the generation that lacks technology, to the millennial generation that is very dependent on technology.

What is the demographic Bonus?

Demographic Bonus it is a phenomenon where people of productive age are more productive than non-productive age. According to sources, the productive age is 15-64 years. Then for non-productive age is under 15 years and above 64 years. The era of the demographic bonus was marked by a boom in the working-age population. The demographic dividend occurs due to two factors. First, infant mortality is decreasing. So that babies who remain alive until adulthood increase. Second, the total birth rate decreased so that the non-productive age under 15 years was down.

Demographic bonuses have a positive impact and a negative impact. The positive impact if the demographic bonus is successfully passed, International will grow in the economic and development sectors. that way the people become prosperous and prosperous. But if the demographic bonus fails to pass, the negative impact obtained is the increasing number of unemployment. This is because the more the population of productive age, the tighter the competition in the world of work. So, a high number of people of productive age will be useless if they do not have enough skill, experience .

You’ve probably heard the word “millennial Gene”. But actually not only millennials, there are many more that you should know. Here are the generations grouped by their year of birth!

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are arguably the oldest generation born in 1946-1960. There are also sources that say this generation was born until 1964. The point is that the characteristics of baby boomers are usually 57-75 years old. According to sources, the term baby boom was created because after the Second World War America just enjoyed prosperity and resumed life. This led to the” baby boom”, many babies were born because circumstances have prospered.

Baby boomers are known for their hard work. That’s because the baby boomers were born in an age that is not yet modern, minimal field and technology. That way in the era of baby boomers have intense competition and usually this generation has a fairly competitive nature.

Generation X

Generation X was born from 1965 to 1979/80. It is estimated that the Generation X usually has a lifespan of 41-56 years. According to sources, Generation x has a significant decrease in the birth rate compared to the previous generation, baby boomers. Finding a job is a big challenge in the era of Generation X. Their life at that time was not easy because of the economic crisis. In International, Generation X was raised in a hot political atmosphere in the era of New Order government. Likewise, in international circles, they witnessed many conflicts ranging from the Vietnam War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Cold War.

In the era of Generation X, technology is still rare. Newspapers, magazines, radio, became familiar friends of Generation X in his time. This generation also began to recognize TV, mobile phones, video games are still simple. Many say Generation X is independent, diligent, disciplined because of the conditions or situations they experienced in the era of 65-80’ and also because of his parents (baby boomers) who are known to be hardworking,

Generation Y (millennials)

Yes, a generation that is often known as the millennial generation. Millennials were born from 1981 to 1994. The life span of generations in 25-40 years. In the era of Generation Y, the development of technology is quite rapid. Internet technology also began to explode in the era of Generation Y.

Unlike previous generations of economic crisis and full of conflict became their impressions in every day, Generation Y spoiled with mobile phones to laptops that are increasingly sophisticated in each year. Therefore, many consider Generation Y to be more lazy than the previous generation. The rise of social media makes Generation Y narcissistic. But in addition, Generation Y is known to be more creative because of the many technological supports they can use.

Generation Z

The next generation after Generation Y or commonly known as the millennial generation is Generation Z who was born in 1997 to 2012. The development of technology in this era is faster than the previous generation. Many of them are brought up by smartphones, tablets, laptops. This generation began to depend on technology, one of which is social media. This group makes social media from as entertainment to their land to dig for income. Like online shops that are starting to spread everywhere, young influencers, YouTubers, and many more. This generation has never lived a life in the absence of technology so it is often known as i-gen.

Alpha Generation

The next generation is Alpha. This generation started from 2012-2025. This generation was born with the most advanced technology among other generations. The Internet is a staple food for the Alpha generation. No wonder, every year technology is growing. Not even every year, but in every month of its Generation Alpha witnessed rapid technological development. Starting from Smart TVs, Google Home, to 5G networks. Alpha kids will grow up with gadgets. They can’t live without a smartphone.

This generation did not witness any major war like in the previous generation. But unfortunately, the Alpha generation is experiencing a pandemic called Covid-19 to date. That makes learning online mediated, which results in Alpha kids being less sociable with each other. But due to the pandemic, the Alpha generation is increasingly sticking with technology. That way they are more proficient in technology even at an early age than previous generations.

It can be concluded in each alternation of years, the world experienced a very rapid development and led to the demographic bonus. The demographic Bonus is also due to an increase in the productive age in a country. This phenomenon can be both a benefit and a challenge in the world of work. Let’s take a closer look at what a demographic bonus is!

How to deal with and use it for millennials!

One way to deal with and take advantage of the demographic bonus is to improve the skills, experience of the productive age population. This can be done starting with yourself. You can hone your hard skills and soft skills in various ways. Starting from following the available bootcamps, or following some internship programs that you can try. You can adjust the hard skills needed by the world of work with your passion. In addition to hard skills, you can improve soft skills such as leadership, creativity, and much more. Soft skills are usually acquired in work experience. So you can try many internship programs out there.

If you have mastered hard skills and soft skills, you can face fierce job competition easily. If every society of productive age does the same, then a productive population will be created. Not only is age productive, but it is followed by work productivity.

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