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Isoman safe comfortable with Clue Works Assurance
Isoman safe comfortable with Clue Works Assurance

Isoman or self-isolation, is one method for covid-19 patients with mild symptoms to be able to separate themselves from the community. When Isoman, covid-19 patients are healing at home or in other places separate from their families.

Although the government has lowered the PPKM level to level 3 for DKI Jakarta, it does not mean that we can loosen up with the nih health protocol. In fact, the decrease in the number of covid-19 is a spirit for all of us to continue to discipline by applying 5M.

If you or your family are exposed to the covid-19 virus with mild symptoms, you can do isoman to break the chain of spread of the virus.

We have previously discussed, that the cost of doing isoman is not cheap. You have to prepare PCR test fees, drug and vitamin fees, doctor visit fees, to special food catering fees for covid-19 patients.

All these needs, if accumulated for two weeks, can reach millions of rupiah. Because, generally, the isoman period lasts for 14 days. So that the intake of nutrients and patient monitoring process should also be done periodically.

Therefore, especially for you avrist Assurance individual health insurance insured, you can already feel the benefits for medical cost claims when doing isoman.

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Program Isoman Safe Convenient

Clue Works Assurance has a secure comfortable isoman program that can be used by policyholders and health riders of Clue Works Assurance.

Customers can make a claim with the reimbursement system, where the maximum total claim from this program is 5 million rupiah per customer, and each customer can make a claim once.

Isoman ClueWorks comfortable from Clue Works Assurance takes place from September 2022 to November 2022 or until the total claims have reached 2 billion rupiah from all customers.

What can be claimed?
  • Daily room & board fee for isoman treatment in hospital / or not in hospital (according to Bill);
  • Doctor consultation (online or offline);
  • Medicines, vitamins or supplements related to Covid-19 on the recommendation of a doctor;
  • The cost of other examinations related to Covid-19 (such as diagnostics and laboratory tests) based on the recommendation of a doctor;
  • PCR SWAB test cost;
  • The cost of meals during ISOMAN is specific to self-isolating food packages provided by restaurants/caterers.
What policies and riders can receive Isoman ClueWorks comfortably benefits?

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Is it a complete health protection from Clue Works Assurance? Let’s immediately have health insurance from Clue Works Assurance for benefits that suit your needs.

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