It Turns Out That Digital Skills Are Needed In This Era!

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What exactly is digital skill?

Digital skill is an ability to understand, operate, use and utilize technology to access and manage information. It can be used as a digital device (software / hardware) up to the network as you know, in today’s era all the technology until many call now is the digital age. Therefore, digital skills are the first weapon you use in this increasingly competitive world of work. Degree alone is not enough to be your provision, it needs some skills that you must master, one of which is digital skills. Here are some digital skills that the industry needs today that you can master!

Programming (Web/Mobile)

Programming is commonly known as coding because Coding is an activity to enter, operate, compile code or computer language. There are many computer languages that can be used. Starting from C++, PHP, HTML, Java, Python, and many others. All languages are used according to their needs.

This Digital skill is clearly needed in today’s digital era. Programming can include front end dan back end. Front end is the display of a website or mobile application. The front end is the cover of a book. While back end is everything behind the scenes that is useful for the program to go according to plan. Very lucky for those of you who have mastered this digital skill, because this skill has a wide scope. For example, you can become a Database Engineer, Full Stack Developer, Web/App Developer or AI Engineer, and many more.

Design UI UX

UI UX design itself is a skill that aims to provide the experience of using an application or website by designing a user interface or user interface. As already mentioned, UI UX designers not only work to design a user’s appearance, but they also create user experience that’s good. User experience a good example can be: the user does not have trouble using the application (easy to use) or even users are presented with an attractive and not boring appearance. The point is that this digital skill is user-centered.

You can learn this skill independently with several tools such as Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, and many more. You can also use various social media special designs! Like Dribbble for example. There you can find a lot of designs from some famous designers.

Data Analyst

Data analysis capabilities are needed to analyze digital data from various sources, such as websites or even mobile apps. The data analyst is responsible for translating various data so that it can be processed and made into reports so that the company makes the right choices and strategies.

This Digital skill is needed by a company because a data analyst plays an important role in finding solutions to a business problem. Such as, when the company experiences losses or how the company’s profits remain stable.

You must have a good and strong analysis on a problem. Data analysts should also have database query language skills. A strong statistical understanding can also help a data analyst to read data well.

Project Management

Project management is a digital skill that aims to manage a project from the initial design, implementation and evaluation to maintenance. The person who is responsible for the implementation of a project in it is project manager.

Project manager must have communication skills, negotiation, and knowledge of the project being implemented. What is meant here is if the project is the creation of a mobile application, project manager must know more or less the ins and outs of a mobile application. Because however digital skill is to manage all the flow of the project. Satisfactory project results depend on project management which is good anyway.


Similar to data analysts, SEO also plays around data processing. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Where you will optimize the search engine. This digital skill is responsible for managing all content that will be published. The content itself consists of keywords. Keywords will be used as a material to optimize search engines.

This Skill is used to increase the ranking on search engines so that the traffic of a company goes up. You can learn this skill with various tools such as; Ahrefs key generator, Google Analytic, Google Trends, and many more.


Many people think that this digital skill is just a writing activity. A copywriter is indeed writing, but without realizing it is not just writing tablets! Copywriting also has a big role in digital business to target the market according to the product offered by packaging the message that sells. So actually copywriting is a method of creating marketing materials that can persuade readers in it to perform various actions needed.

The content produced by a copywriter will play an important role in the products sold. This Digital skill relies on how it presents several aspects such as attention, interest, desire and action (Aida) through in-depth research on its content.

Social Media Strategy

The next digital skill you can learn is social media strategy. As the name implies, this skill is used to manage all strategies in social media for business purposes. He is responsible for organizing content or creating attractive campaigns to present brand awareness dan trafficeven analyzing and tracking a insight social media. This Skill not only relies on the ability to attract the attention of the audience, but good analytical skills are also needed.

Bottom line social media strategy aims to make a product widely known by the public through social media. Don’t get me wrong, one social media strategist not just as an instagram admin, but a social media performance analyst and conceptor.

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