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Content writing dan Copywriting has a fairly similar name. Both of these jobs are on the rise in the digital age and many companies are in need of services Content Writer dan Copywriter. If you are interested in becoming a Content Writer or Copywriter, then this article is suitable for those of you who want to learn it.

The name is similar sometimes makes people confused, actually what is the difference? Actually Content writing dan Copywriting represents 2 different things and has different tasks. Check out this article to find out the difference.

Content Writing

Content writing is the writing of a content that can be in the form of articles, microblog, post di social media or whatever it is written in the online platform. One who does Content Writing commonly referred to as Content writer.

Generally a Content Writer write a content that has been determined in the company where they work. This content writing aims to attract as many online audiences as possible so that they can recognize the products/services that exist in the company, or it could be an article about education for ordinary people.

This profession can certainly be learned easily on the Internet or online course which provides classroom learning Content Writing. If you have the ability and interest in the field of writing, then you can follow the class and become one of the content writer.


Copywriting is an advertising text writing or tagline on a content. Purpose of existence copywriting is to promote a product or service in a company to an audience. One who does Copywriting commonly referred to as Copywriter.

An Copywriter must be able to adapt to their working environment. For example, if a copywriter works in the industry skincare woman. Then Copywriter should research what is trending on skincare woman. They must be able to provide a tagline, provide advertising scripts and forms of invitation to the audience to use the services/products made by the company.

Copywriting can be studied on the internet or online course which provides classroom learning Copywriting. You can see the form of an invitation to a well-known brand that you can make a reference to create a portfolio Copywriting you guys.

Abilities That Must Be Possessed By A Content Writer dan Copywriter

The main task of a Content Writer dan Copywriter is to do writing to make an audience or client using our company’s products/services. Content Writer dan Copywriter must understand the draft of writing, have a broad vocabulary and creative in determining the writing. So the ability to write is the main capital to become a reliable content / copywriter.


An Content Writer dan Copywriter must do research on current trends. Because by knowing what the current trend is, we can create a writing that makes the audience interested in using our product because the existing product correlates with the current trend.

Fluent In English Both Oral And Written Social Media

Content Writer dan Copywriter will mem-publish writing on the internet, especially on social media due to social media it’s a great place to find as many audiences as possible. With us adept at using social media, then we will know when we have to-publish the results of our writing so that the opportunity to get an audience that will use our company’s products we will get to the maximum.Above is the difference Content Writer dan Copywriter. Are you interested in being one of them? Let’s start your career and become one Content Writer dan Copywriter that’s good !

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