Know the role and responsibilities of Tech Recruiter in IT companies

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Along with the development of technology in International, the need for Tech Recruiter (Technical Recruiter) is becoming increasingly needed. In general, companies will look for experienced tech recruiters. However, it is possible if the company wants to accept candidates who are not experienced in the IT field but are interested in becoming a Tech Recruiter.

The tech Recruiter has a very important role in a company especially if the company is engaged in IT. They will be responsible for looking for candidates with various expertise in the IT field according to the demand of the company or project manager.


They will post job info such as web developer and programmer and responsible for the recruitment process that will be run.  In addition, they will also perform HR tasks in general.

So that you can better understand the tasks of Tech Recruiter please refer to our explanation below.

Definition Of Tech Recruiter

Tech Recruiter is a profession where the main responsibility is to find talents with various expertise in the field of technology such as Software Developer, Business Analyst, System Analyst, Project Manager, and others.

In fact, to be a Tech Recruiter you don’t have to have a technical background. But keep in mind that if you are interested in this profession then you must be willing to continue learning and exploring information related to the growing IT world today. You also have to understand the various IT positions needed by companies to be a reliable Tech Recruiter.

In addition, the tech Recruiter must also understand the tasks of HRD. This is needed because in general, this profession will also be responsible for working on the process of onboarding, employee relations, and others.

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Key tasks and responsibilities of Tech Recruiter

To find talented candidates that fit the needs of the company, Tech Recruiter has a wide array of tasks that need to be done. Some of these duties and responsibilities such as:

1. Collaborate with IT technical manager and team leader

As explained earlier, Tech Recruiter is responsible for finding talented candidates to fill the positions that are needed by the company. This task is not as simple as posting job info because Tech Recruiter also needs to collaborate with Technical Manager and Team leader.

They will learn in detail about the position to be sought and what criteria are needed by the user. They also need to consult with stakeholders and look at the available budget.

2. Good command in English both oral and written

After discussing with the Technical Manager, Team Leader, or with other stakeholders, the Tech Recruiter will make detailed job descriptions and requirements of the profession to be sought. They will make a description of job responsibilities, requirements needed, and salary range of the positions to be sought.

After that, Tech Recruiter will again coordinate with the management to ensure that the hiring budget is in accordance with the available budget.

3. Start looking for suitable candidates

The next step, Tech Recruiter will start creating job advertisements on various job portals and social media. They can also share information on job openings in the IT community and actively seek out passive talent across multiple platforms.

4. Able to work independently and in a team

After posting a job opening, the company will get a lot of applications. At this stage, tech Recruiter is responsible for managing the recruitment process well.

They will screen candidates ‘ CVs, conduct interviews with selected candidates, send technical tests, arrange interview schedules with users, and manage the offering phase until the onboarding process.

5. Develop a recruitment strategy

Tech Recruiter is also required to create attractive recruitment strategies. Broadly speaking, a hiring strategy is a plan that describes actions to be able to recruit quality candidates and be able to hire and retain the best talent in the company. Some examples of such strategies include employer branding, being active on social media, and creating a talent pool that is easily accessible by recruiters and candidates.

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At LOGIQUE itself, we currently provide a talent pool that works effectively to get candidates, as well as directly connected from the company’s website. The Talent pool is named Sugoi Saiyo.

Sugoi Saiyo is a hiring platform for internal companies that can make it easier for recruiters to attract quality candidates. So, when candidates are interested in applying for a job in a company, then they do not need to send a CV by email. Candidates simply access and apply for job vacancies directly through Sugoi Saiyo’s platform.

Currently LOGIQUE is also opening a variety of lowongan kerja IT staff, some of them such as vacancy Front End Developer, Java Developer, .Net Developer, DevOps Engineer, and many more . We also open vacancies for HR Recruitment positions. If you are interested in joining LOGIQUE or know someone who is talented in the field, please apply for the vacancies we provide through Sugoi Saiyo.

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