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Maybe there are still many people who think that being a writer is not the way to earn income, especially if only as freelance writer. They think the field of writing is very competitive and no one pays a good even high fee. But in reality, many writers who meet the needs of his life from the results of writing. This hobby can be used to earn income from writing.

Earning income from writing has many advantages, you can choose when, where, and with whom you work. To make writing an income, you need to know how, you need to have concrete planning. There are many ways to earn income from writing with good pay even high:


The job of a Copywriter is to create creative content to promote or inform something. In charge of writing material about marketing for email, website, blog, catalog, marketplace, and social media.

An copywriter requires skills in SEO optimization and persuasion ability that is able to adjust between the Target Target and the client. Become copywriter it does not require formal education. the most important thing is that you have the skills above.

Earnings freelancer copywriter it can be equivalent to those who work in offices, it can even be larger. By site, the average income of a copywriter is 3.5 million per month.

Content Writer

Speaking of salary, one content writer can earn an average income of 4 million per month based on the form of work, whether it is as full time content writer or freelance content writer. The income also depends on the experience and flight hours of the author. Salary full time certainly bigger, ranging from 4jt to 5jt depending on bargaining with the company where you work. Freelancer salary is around 2jt to 4jt.

To get such a large income, of course, must have skill reliable, such as being able to write with various types of writing, originality of writing, understanding of technology such as SEO and WordPress. Tasks content writer is writing content that will be displayed on the blog page or website.


Become blogger this is one way to earn money from writing. A Blog is your way of expressing your thoughts and ideas. You can use a platform like WordPress to have your own blog.

With that platform, create a website, then decide on a theme for your blog. Make sure you create a quality blog and content that is useful and interesting.

Useful content for example when readers find a solution when reading your blog. Interesting content is also worth noting. Many blogs cover the same topic, try to take a more unique point of view that has not been used by other blogs.

The quality of SEO also needs to be improved to attract readers from search engines. With good SEO quality, your content can rank first in search engines.

There are several ways to make money from a blog. One of them is with Google Adsense. Google Adsense will analyze your content and will make sure the ads displayed match the content of your website. Register your blog by creating an Adsense account. Pay-per-click advertising varies depending on around $0.01 to $5.

Article Buying And Selling Platform

For a freelance content writer, article Buying and selling platforms are in great demand. The Platform will connect you with the seeker of Article Writing Services and you will get income from your writing.

If writing is your deepest passion, go ahead and become a professional writer and make your writing your income.

So, which writing career do you want to try and master?

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