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Choosing to be a freelancer content writer as a side job we are certainly a pretty good thing, because you can learn it through course which has been circulating on the internet and can make our portfolio by creating articles whose topics we understand first. And if you already understand and want to start a career as a freelancer content writer, then we will also provide some reference tools to become a freelancer content writer reliable.

KBBI online

KBBI (Dictionary of Internationaln language ) online (in the network ) is a tools which you can use as a tool to increase the raw vocabulary and know its meaning, so that when you create an article or content in social media so that your writing looks more professional and easy to understand.

You can enter the vocabulary that if you do not understand to the website KBBI onlinethen, you will get an explanation of the standard vocabulary that you do not understand.

KBBI online can also be accessed via Website, Android, Ios & amp; Windows.


If you get a writing job that requires you to use English. Then Grammarly could be an option for you, Grammarly useful for correcting mistakes in English sentences that we have made. If there is an error in our Writing, then there will be a choice autocorrect which is useful to revise our incorrect writing to be correct. Grammarly also serves to check the plagiarism of the articles we make.

Grammarly can be-download free of charge IOS & Windows and after ter-install, then Grammarly can be directly used.

PUEBI online

Puebi (Internationaln spelling general guide ) online (in the network ) serves to correct spelling in articles/writing that is not correct in our Writing. Internationaln spelling is a spelling ability that must be mastered by a freelancer content writer. With this spelling, the content we create will be better if there is a spelling that is not appropriate. Puebi can be accessed via website no account registration required.

Typo Online

When writing an article, or a piece of content. Sometimes the freelancer content writer often experience typo or a typo. Typo Online can be used by freelancer content writer to minimize typing errors and sentence correction will be adjusted to the rules of writing the correct Internationaln language, so our writing becomes easier and preferred by audience. Typo Online accessible at website for free.


Ubersuggest used to facilitate the freelance content writer to develop the idea to get a lot audience. With the presence of Ubersuggest, the freelancer content writer it will be easier to get ideas and search keywords for the created article. Not only that, Ubersuggest also has other features, including :

  • View domain statistics
  • Looking at competitors
  • Get suggested keywords
  • Get content ideas
  • Getting backlink data

The above features are accessible to all freelancer content writer to make it easier to get content ideas and maximize content created for free via website.For those of you who want to start a career as freelancer content writer, then you can try some of the tools above to facilitate your work while working on articles or content in social media.

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