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The digital transformation in the education sector has increased considerably over these 2 years. Every level of education from basic education to university and the field of training and the professional world of work has experienced a shift from the traditional way to online platforms and Cloud. So, what are the popular technologies in 2022? Check out the following review.

Remote Learning Technology

Starting from the Covid-19 pandemic, causing all education providers to conduct online learning or we usually call online. This encourages each teacher and student to have to study separately and only capitalize on online platforms such as Zoom or Google Meets.

Online learning allows students to learn skills or subjects that are not taught locally. This also has an impact on teachers, namely increasing creativity and ability in teaching through online platforms.

Online learning technology also provides the same benefits for the field of workplace training. A study proves that conducting training online can increase participants ‘ capture power faster and erode the cost of traveling to the training site.

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Learning with a subscription system or Subscription

The rapid technological change means that many old skills will become more outdated. Therefore, a new strategy is needed to improve the ability of self that will be used in the world of work.

One of the popular technologies that exist today is learning applications with a subscription system or Subscription like Coursera or Udemy. This application is a teaching and learning application with official certification from educational institutions in accordance with the subjects or expertise taken. This app provides a myriad of subjects and expertise as per your needs. With this technology, you can learn anywhere and anytime.

Immersive Learning Technology

Mixed Reality Technology
Immersive Learning Technology

Immersive Learning technologies such as AR, VR, and MR provide excellent opportunities to enhance immersive and engaging teaching and learning methods.

This popular technology that is widely discussed provides many benefits, for example VR (Virtual Reality) can help us practice in a virtual space that is made similar to the original without having to go to the location in question, or with AR (Augmented Reality) we can bring a virtual object anywhere just by using smart phone, as well as MR (Mixed Reality) we can interact with virtual objects using only bare hands.

These technologies encourage us to be able to absorb a huge amount of information in just the blink of an eye without having to resort to traditional means.

Are you interested in using any of the above technologies?

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