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Self-insulation at home

The surge in Covid-19 cases in International in mid-2022, makes most patients have to do self-isolation at home. Hospital facilities for hospitalization are difficult to obtain, because the capacity is always full.

Self-isolation is an option for covid-19 patients to heal themselves, especially for patients with mild, moderate or asymptomatic symptoms.

However, self-insulation still requires a lot of costs. Moreover, the period of self-isolation generally lasts quite a long time, which is about 10 to 14 days.

What costs should we prepare for during self-isolation? Let’s understand the unexpected costs of self-isolation, so that we all become more aware of the importance of maintaining health by staying at home and applying 5M.

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The cost of antigen tests and PCR swabs

Of course, this is not a cheap cost, especially if done several times to find out the status of the patient.

Antigen tests or PCR swabs are usually done when a person has symptoms of covid-19, such as fever and shortness of breath. Or it can also be done when a person has had contact with a previous covid-19 patient.

The cost of these antigen tests and PCR swabs varies. For antigen tests, it generally ranges from 150 thousand to 300 thousand rupiah. While PCR swabs are more expensive, because the method and accuracy are getting better, generally ranging from 800 thousand rupiah to one million.

Expenses like this inevitably have to be done yes, to ensure the patient’s health condition. To find out that a person is completely cured, the patient must undergo a PCR test until he gets a negative result.

Wow, if you don’t get well and have done several PCR tests but the results are still positive, how much will it cost?

The solution, if you experience something like that, you can do a test with the antigen method first, which costs less. Do the test when the self-isolation period has met the standards, for example 14 days after being diagnosed positive.

If it’s been 14 days and you feel better, you can try an antigen test first. If the result is negative, then you can proceed with the PCR test to really confirm it.

Taking the test with the right distance of the day and the condition that is felt to have improved, increases your chances of being able to get a negative result without repeatedly undergoing PCR swab tests.

The cost of medicines and vitamins

Furthermore, the costs that you need to prepare when undergoing self-isolation are of course the cost of medicines and supporting vitamins.

The bad news, some types of drugs experienced a fantastic price increase during PPKM as it is today. Antiviral drugs and antibiotics, can rise to many times more than the normal price.

In addition, you also need to meet the intake of vitamins from certain supplements, such as vitamin C and vitamin D3, which range in price from 200 thousand to 300 thousand rupiah per bottle.

If you experience other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, or cough, usually these symptoms require different medications, so the more drugs you should take.

What is the solution so that the cost of these drugs does not drain the contents of your wallet? If you have health insurance such as Clue Works Prime Hospital & amp; Surgical or Clue Works Simple Start, the cost of these drugs can be guaranteed by Clue Works Assurance, with reference to the policy provisions yes.

Cost of supporting equipment

When self-isolation at home, patients and families of covid-19 patients are asked to perform simple monitoring at home. This is because the service of a doctor to come home is quite difficult to get.

Therefore, if you are running self-isolation, you need to equip yourself with some tools to support your monitoring. For example, an oximeter and an infrared thermometer.

Oximeter is a tool for measuring oxygen levels in the blood. Covid-19 patients need to monitor oxygen levels in the blood, so that the symptoms of shortness of breath that generally occur in covid-19 patients can be resolved immediately.

The price of the oximeter itself is quite diverse, generally ranging from 50 thousand to 200 thousand dollars depending on the specifications.

In addition to the oximeter, during self-isolation of covid-19 patients, it is also necessary to prepare an infrared thermometer, which is used to measure body temperature if the patient feels a fever. Infrared thermometer or thermometer shoot price ranges from 150-200 thousands.

This is the supporting equipment you need to prepare when undergoing isoman. It’s a big drain, isn’t it?

Cost of sanitation and sterilization

During isoman, usually covid-19 patients will use a separate room with other family members.

The room used by the patient should be cleaned with a slightly different method, for example, it should be sprayed with disinfectants and even cutlery, drinking, clothing, etc.should be sprayed with sanitizers first before healthy family members touch it.

Of course, there are costs that you have to spend on this sanitation business, such as the cost of purchasing disinfectant liquids to spray sanitizer tubes that cost from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rupiah per bottle.

Perhaps some people will think that undergoing self-isolation can make them more frugal, because they cannot leave the house and do a lot of activities.

However, self-isolation activities actually require special attention followed by the expenditure of unexpected costs such as the above exposure.

For this reason, instead of spending money because it is positive for covid-19, let’s break the chain of transmission of covid-19, by doing vaccines, applying 5M, and staying at home during PPKM.

You can use the online shopping system to still be able to meet your daily needs. And stay productive working using existing technology.

For those of you who are currently undergoing self-isolation, hopefully get well soon!

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