Types of Health Insurance available in International

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Health insurance is one of the insurance products in the form of protection or protection for health for the insured. This insurance product is among the most widely used by the people of International.

In practice, this health insurance turns out to have several types divided by many categories. Anything? Let’s take a peek at the following types of health insurance before you decide to register and buy it.

Health Insurance By Type Of Care

1. Outpatient Insurance (Out-Patient)

Some types of treatment costs that are usually covered by outpatient insurance, namely lab checks, doctor’s diagnosis, dental treatment, medical check up, the cost of purchasing drugs and various actions that do not require the insured to be treated or hospitalized.

2. Inpatient Insurance (in-Patient)

When you are sick and require you to be hospitalized, this type of insurance will cover the cost of such treatment.

Health Insurance By Governing Body

1. Government

As the name implies, this insurance is issued and managed by the government. Premiums paid can also get subsidies from the government, but only for those who are entitled to it. Government insurance has various limitations when compared to private insurance. An example of government insurance, namely BPJS Health.

2. Private

This insurance is managed by the organizing body or private parties. The premiums to be paid by policyholders vary greatly. Although the premium payment is arguably more expensive than government insurance, it is proportional to the benefits that policyholders will get.

Based on the parties covered

1. Individual

Individual insurance covers only one person, the policyholder. In the personal insurance policy, the insured cannot use the insurance for others.

2. Group

Usually the insurance model for groups is widely used for a company or for a family. Obviously the cost of premiums to be paid for the group insurance model will be much more expensive as more and more people. You and your family or group can choose it according to their individual needs.

Avoid mistakes in choosing health insurance!

Choosing the right insurance, especially for your employees, is one of the investments you make towards the sustainability of the company. Where you participate in ensuring the health and well-being of company employees. Rush to choose the ceiling of Health and premiums with the origin could be detrimental to employees and certainly issue budget which is not small. For that, do some research first and don’t be shy about asking.

Safe is a solution for those of you who are looking for insurance and want to compare it first. Not only helps compare, Aman also provides an application for workers later to access benefits and make claims until reimburse. In addition you can optimize the selection of insurance ceiling from time to time adjust the company’s budget and based on tracking usage benefit.

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