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Metaverse is a term that refers to a virtual world where users can perform various activities. This technology is like real life and accessible under certain conditions.

The name became more popular after Mark Zuckerberg announced that his technology company Facebook would be renamed Meta, which was inspired by a new cyber name.

In fact, the concept of a metaverse in the crypto space is a promising business today. Not only from the business world, artists are also active as a form of investment. So, what is the crypto metaverse , how does it work, what is the purpose of the metaverse, and what are the examples? To understand all that, check out the full review in the article below!

what is metaverse
Concept Of Metaverse

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to connect, communicate, work, play and trade with each other just like in the real world.

The term Metaverse was introduced by novelist Neil Stephenson in 1992 through his book Avalanche.

Metaverse focuses on helping people connect, discover communities, and grow their businesses virtually. Metaverse allows users to perform various activities virtually with other users. An example of a popular event in the Metaverse is Justin Bieber’s concert in 2021. With the development of technology, all activities that exist in the real world can be done in the metaverse.

How Does The Metaverse Work?

Metaverse it works basically the same as in the real world. Users are required to first enter the virtual world using AR and VR enabled technologies.

Currently, the only devices needed to enter the virtual world are VR headsets like Oculus. After entering the virtual world, users can perform various activities in the virtual world like in the real world. In addition to using a VR headset, users also need internet access and certain additional regulations to collect certain NFT artwork.

What Can the Metaverse do?

The Metaverse comes in the form of a virtual world by providing a variety of activities that can be performed by users. Here are some examples of activities you can do in the metaverse.

Virtual Concert

Watching a concert virtually is one of the things that can be done in the virtual world. The virtual concert uses a concept similar to a live concert. With the help of technology, users will be able to feel the impressive atmosphere of a virtual concert.

Play Games

For gamers, metaverse could be an exciting future platform of choice. You can play games like movie Ready Player One. Here are some that already support VR, according to the Meta site:

Discuss with colleagues

Well, this is the most awaited by businessmen. Working online is the same experience as working in an office. This will be achieved by the presence of the metaverse.

In August 2021, Meta launched Horizon works. Horizon Workrooms is a workspace using VR technology.

As a result, Horizon workshops users can connect with other users and collaborate and create in New and unprecedented ways.

Online Travel

With cyberspace, online travel is certainly not impossible. This can be done with the help of headsets and glasses that already support AR and VR technology, as well as smartphones or PCs.

Viewing artwork and digital clothing

In the past, for works of art, for example, paintings can only be seen in the real world. This time you can see the digital version of the painting. The price also varies.

Recently, the community has also been active with the emergence of paintings or drawings known as digital assets, known as NFTS (Non-Fungible Tokens). You can see NFT collections on various marketplace sites such as Binance, SandBox, OpenSea, and AirNFT. In addition to buying and selling NFTS, you can also buy various gadgets for your avatar.

Metaverse Example

Broadly speaking, two types of metaverse can be found around us. The first is the Metaverse, which allows people to build their environment from the most basic level.

This type of Metaverse uses a recently well-integrated virtual economic system, namely cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTS). Some examples of companies that have implemented Metaverse technology in other aspects of their products or businesses:


Roblox Games

In addition to Facebook and Microsoft, Roblox is also active in the Metaverse. Launched in 2006, the game successfully developed a virtual environment by combining the Metaverse concept with VR and AR technology. Like Meta and Microsoft, Roblox users can create virtual homes, play, and work.


Decentraland Game

Decentraland is the first blockchain game to successfully demonstrate the potential of NFTs and cryptocurrencies as drivers of the gaming economy. The game provides a virtual world that can be inhabited and developed by the player.

The Sandbox

This game is presented in the Sandbox allowing gamers to buy land, build buildings on it, and sell it through the NFT marketplace.


Metaverse is a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to provide users with a new and unique experience. Not only the experience immersive but it also provides many benefits for everyday life.

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